Moving Tips

May 2018

Which States You Should Avoid

When you decide you need a change in life, your logical solution is to move. Last week we mentioned which cities are great picks, but today we would rather focus on the States, which you should rather avoid. The problem with them is not that life there is bad, but that it can be comparatively harder for you to make it there as a new resident.

That being said, keep in mind that moving takes some consideration. If you want everything to go smoothly without the need to call professionals, you can at least secure some high quality plastic moving boxes. But now let’s dive into the topic!

Bad State #1: Louisiana

For one reason or another Louisiana takes the last place in overall State rankings. Opportunities there are terrible, the crime rate is fairly high and the economy is not good at all. Its infrastructure is not great either. However, it is not the last state in terms of quality of life, so it has that going for it.

Bad State #2: Mississippi

This is an interesting state. Firstly, it has bad economy and fiscal stability, its healthcare is the worst of all the states, and the education is not good. Opportunities? Hardly any, if you have not previously made it a goal to move there. However, it has extremely high quality of life and relatively low crime rates, so if you are an already established resident there, you are probably doing well.

Bad State #3: New Mexico

Just like Mississippi, New Mexico has great quality of life. Sadly though, this is the only place where it is higher relative to other states. It has the worst education of all the states and its opportunities are extremely limited as well. It doesn’t help that the infrastructure is in bad condition, but at least its healthcare is not that bad.

Bad State #4: West Virginia

Aside from having the worst infrastructure, West Virginia is actually not that bad of a place. The problem is that it also doesn’t excel in any area. That makes it fairly unpopular for most people, not to mention the fact that it does not have the best reputation anyway. However, people there actually love it and are not too concerned about online state evaluations.

Bad State #5: Alabama

Perhaps this is the most surprising addition on this list when we had a city in Alabama as one of the top 5 cities, in which to live. Well, the paradox is that the best cities are not actually in the best states. There is nothing particularly wrong with Alabama. It is just about average in most things and that puts it relatively low on the list.


If you live in any of these states, don’t be offended. Things change constantly and you can also move, if you are not pleased with the place where you live.

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