Moving Tips

August 2017

What Have You Not Considered?

Moving – the thing that many Americans dread, but most of them have to face anyway. It takes long hours of planning, figuring out a schedule, reading moving tips online and so on. Well, in reality it isn’t even as simple as that. We face stumbling block along the way and oftentimes we just can’t deal with the pressure of it all.

So it’s no wonder that there are things we often forget when we start moving or ones that we fail to consider altogether. Today we will see what we often don’t take care off until the very last minute.

Many Supplies, Few Boxes

This is very common nowadays. We go to our favorite hardware store and buy all the moving supplies available. We look around for some cardboard boxes and we gather whatever we can. And when we start moving we realize we don’t have nearly enough boxes.

Such a common scenario that you’d think people should’ve learned by now. Well, they haven’t. We simply forget all the bad experiences of moving and when the next time to do so comes, we are again back to square 1.

So what can you do? Just use a plastic box rental service such as ours. With us it is easy to calculate how many boxes you’d need, so you can order them and forget about the need of more boxes.

Your Plants Matter

If you have plants and flowers, you should take care of them prior to the move. Many people simply fail to consider them at all. And moving is a stressful experience for plants, especially the ones that are more delicate.

So is you have plants, consider researching how to take proper care of them way before the move. That way you won’t have dead flora all over your new place.

Your Pets Do Too

Did you know that a lot of pets get stressed when moving as well? There are many resources online about the issues that many pets have to deal with when moving comes. The new environment doesn’t always feel welcoming or friendly, and high levels of stress can cause many problems to your favorite pets.

It is a good rule of thumb to do your research about that topic as well. Don’t think you can simply shove your dog in the back seat and call it a day. Even smaller animals (e.g. birds) can have problems adjusting to the new place and some can’t handle the moving process altogether.

And Finally… Your Children

We all want to be good parents, but we often forget that our children face the stress of moving as well. The best thing to do about that is to talk to your kids. Explain the process, tell them they have nothing to worry about and if they are old enough, they can even lend a hand. Help them feel useful and they won’t stress about it as much.

Follow this advice and you will be on your way to have a less stressful move.

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