Moving Tips

December 2018

Want to Rent? Check These Cities!

We are not living in the age of the baby boomers anymore. For better or worse less and less people nowadays are considering buying a home. Many millennials actually like the freedom that renting gives them, as they can always pack up their plastic moving boxes and leave.

That being said, not all places are that welcoming of renters. But some are made specifically for them, it seems. There are some cities that are excellent destinations for anyone, who rents and wants to try something new. Who knows, maybe you plan to only spend a couple of years at a place just to find out that it is much more fitting than you expected!

Today we are going to take a look at some cities that are great choices for renters. All of them have fairly low rents compared to median income, and they also offer lower than average cost of living. Great, right? Let’s check them out!

Let’s Introduce You To Oklahoma City

Our first stop today is Oklahoma City. Did you expect it? Most likely not! But it has many things going for it! For example, it is not the biggest city, but not the smallest one either. This middle ground is perfect for people who do not want the extremes.

The weather is generally warm throughout the year, though it does not get as hot as Texas, for example. Though the clean air in Oklahoma City is definitely a major benefit. And considering how welcoming people there are, you will not have any trouble fitting in. It is definitely worth the check!

But What About Lincoln?

Lincoln, NE is another great place you can move to. It is on the small side when it comes to big cities and it is actually one of the best places to live altogether. You not only get a good (and fairly calm) city environment, but the prairie is just around the corner!

As far as climate goes, in my opinion it does not get much better than this. You get all four seasons to enjoy, and it does not get too deep into extreme temps. The rents are fairly low, and considering how many business and education opportunities there are, you can definitely see why many people consider it as their new home.

And Then There’s Austin…

Is Austin, TX overcrowded? It sure is! Is the weather there too hot? For many people – absolutely! Is it still a great place to check out, especially if you are younger? Heck, yeah it is!

Okay, okay, it is not exactly the cheapest, or anything, but salaries are pretty good there, so rent should not be a concern. However, the culture is a great thing to experience, provided you have the energy.

One of the major drawbacks for some is the weather. Yes, it is hot, and humid, but also sunny, and there is virtually no winter. So… it is an acquired taste. But it is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for an adventure!

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