Moving Tips

August 2016

Useful Moving Tips

Everyone in a certain moment of their life has to change their place of residence. Reasons for that are almost always positive, but even so no one approaches the process with a smile. This is possibly so, because stress of the kind “Have I forgotten something?”, “I don’t have enough time to organize everything”, etc. is overwhelming you. Yes, moving can really be accompanied by many unknowns, but if you think you cannot do it by yourself, trust professional movers.

But anyways, among you there are some stubborn individuals, who won’t allow moving to be a terrible part of their life. You will get up early, create lists, pack, unpack and sooner or later you will achieve your goal. To have a guideline in what to do, follow our advice and you will and your move will be a little bit less tedious.

Firstly, start with getting all the packaging you need. Find boxes, bags, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, everything that can come in handy. You need different sizes, you need different materials, you need something to tie everything with, so go out there and get everything required. And just a friendly bonus tip – get more than you think you’ll need, because you can be certain that you will need more in the end, and that’s a given.

The next step is to start packing diligently every piece of clothing that you won’t be using for a while. If you are moving during summer time, every single winter piece of clothing can go into a bag, a box, but has to take as little space as possible. Every pillow, every blanket, every sheet, which you won’t be using for a while. When you take care of this, you will release that you’ve cleaned up your current home enough to make the whole packing left much more organized. Now you know that you won’t have to take care of stuff you won’t use for a while and they can be left to be unpacked a little bit further in time, even after you get to your new home.

In every home there are tons of unused appliances and items and surely you can find some in yours. If you are not using them now, consider if you will be ever using them. Maybe the best decision will be to throw them out, give them away, sell them even, but if you won’t really be using them, you don’t need them in your new home and you don’t need to take them with you altogether. If you are going to sell them, try online websites, but at least 2-3 weeks prior to the move.

You may think about how much money you’ve spent on these things and you would rather keep them. Well, the truth is there are some investments, which won’t pay for themselves, but that’s just the reality of life. Don’t become a hoarder. If you really value them, just gift them to a friend or relative, or even to a charity organization. That way you will feel much, much better.

When you start to fill the boxes, put heavy and robust items on the bottom of the box and lighter, more breakable items – on the top. It is greatly advised to wrap them carefully, so that you may be able to enjoy them in your new home as well. No one want broken plates, vases and lamps. If there are empty spaces in the box, fill them up with old newspapers. You will be amazed by how much cushioning they actually provide. After you’ve filled the box, put a label, which describes it. It doesn’t have to be too long and thorough, but it should definitely include the room which that box is supposed to be open in, as well as what it actually hold. If there are different types of items inside, write down all of them. You will save yourself some time and hassle when you are unpacking in your new home.

Look for a moving company that will take care of your more massive items – e.g. your furniture, TV, fridge, etc. Usually these companies provide everything required for a move and in case you need something, they will give you the choice of purchasing it from them as well.

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