Moving Tips

September 2017

Unusual Moving Reasons

While it doesn’t take much to describe what a usual reason for moving is (new job, bigger family, etc.), it is still strongly individualistic. But most moves fall under a certain traditional category. However, there are moving reasons which have surprised us and perhaps they will surprise you, too! So let’s take a look.

Unusual Moving Reason #1: Random Chance

A guy wanted to experience the thrill of trying something new, so he just decided to move. But where to, was his question. Well, he picked a few cities at random, threw them in a hat and drew one out.

Now he lives in Wisconsin.

Unusual Moving Reason #2: Just Liked The View

There was a woman, who had moved to Boulder, CO, just because she saw a nice picture online from one of the houses there. She liked the view so she researched the place and went there.

What’s weirder though is that she found the exact same house and grabbed the lease right after its previous occupants had left. Now that’s either luck or dedication, or the universe working for people with a goal. You decide.

Unusual Moving Reason #3: Family… Feud

Moving because of family is one of the most common reasons. However, moving because you don’t even want to see your family ever again is not that common.

While families can live on opposite sides of the States, they still meet once or twice a year. But this girl decided to move without notifying anyone and without even telling where she’s going. Her family only knows that she left for good. Because of them.

Unusual Moving Reason #4: Just Liked The Neighbors

A computer programmer working in Chicago had to go to the suburbs to meet a potential client. He end up moving there because he simply liked the neighbors. It all looked like a dream and people were extremely nice.

So he end up with a suburban house with a home office. Isn’t that a win?

Unusual Moving Reason #5: It’s Just A Habit

Okay, we have only heard about this, but supposedly, there was a girl that moved every 2 years. On schedule. Even inside the same city, if she had to, but she just did it. Why? Because her family moved very often when she was little and apparently it grew to become a habit for her.

Perhaps there is something psychological about it, but whatever the case, supposedly she claims that it keeps her hopeful that nothing bad will last for more than 2 years. So that’s a win… we guess?


So you see that everyone has their own weird quirks about them and moving is not an exception as a field of weirdness. Maybe now you have your own unusual idea of why you move? If you do, don’t forget to get quality moving boxes from H2H Box, so your items are taken proper care of.

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