Moving Tips

April 2018

Too Much To Pack? Declutter!

As Americans we have a weird tendency to hoard most stuff. Consumerism is kind of a problem, so we end up spending a lot on things we rarely use. If you go around your home you definitely have tons of items, which you may not want to throw out, but you do not necessarily want either.

Today we are going to tell you how to deal with such a problem without resorting to throwing items out. That way their value will be kept (if not increased) and you will not have to pack as much stuff. Plus, you will be saving on your moving costs, which is awesome on its own.

Before we head straight to the tips, remember than the best packaging is the safe packaging. So if you want to pack your items properly for the move and not have them break, use plastic packing boxes for the job. But let’s get to the topic at hand!

Before You Start

It will be easier for you to just go around your home and see which items you do not really want with you. That will streamline the process, because you will have done the hard part – identifying clutter. After that you can go to our tips and put them to good use. That way you will reduce your clutter significantly.

Tip #1: Donations Are A Thing

Chances are most of the things you have that you do not need are clothes, sheets, blankets and the like. At least that is with most people. So instead of throwing these out, consider donating them to a charity, which can then handle them as they need.

Think about it – you will be helping people in need, while also reducing clutter. This is not the same as throwing out – your items will actually be put to good use. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Tip #2: Your Friends May Also Need Something

Even before you donate, you may consider calling some friends to take a look at the stuff you do not need. For example, a friend of mine was going through his book collection, and decided to throw out many of the books (he had double copies, or just newer versions). So he called me and I ended up picking up a good chunk of his collection, which is now in my own collection. A win-win, right?

Tip #3: Craigslist Gives You Options

If none of your friends want your items, and you do not want to (or cannot) give them to a charity, you can always go the online route and sell them on Craigslist. Keep in mind that it is entirely possible that no one else would want to buy your stuff either. At that point, you might consider just gifting them via Craigslist (where the other person takes care of shipping), or you can just throw the items out. That would be a pity though.

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