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January 2016

Tips on Keeping Your Electronics Safe

Tips on Keeping Your Electronics Safe

Looking around your home and think about how many electronic devices you have. And that isn’t just your phone and your TV – you probably won’t be surprised how dependent on technology we are. But since we do have many electronic items in our home, it is only natural to want to keep them safe and sound, especially when moving. However, this can prove to be a daunting task – how do you safely transport your TV for example? Did you know that PCs are too prone to damage while moving? People don’t seem to think they have to take care of their desktop PCs, but they are actually a big box with a bunch of items inside it, which are not even that tightly packed.

So you understand the necessity for careful packing of your electronics. We have some tips to give you in order for you to have peace of mind. However, since you probably don’t have all the requested boxes or you just don’t want to deal with packing yourself, but want to make sure it is handled with care and by professional, just consider our services.

For starters, many manufacturers have tips on how to safely pack a device. If you don’t keep the booklet from when you’ve bought it, just go online and download the electronic version of it. There should be one, given that your device is not ancient. So take a look at the manual (they usually have a safety and storage page if the device is indeed bigger) and consider if you can do what they tell you there. It would probably require the original boxes, but we understand that not many people keep them around. Who would keep a 55” TV box? It is like using space for one more such TV. But that is the sad reality – these boxes do prove the best for when you’re moving. If your electronics’ boxes are nowhere to be found, then it is possible that you’ll need to pack differently, maybe use the help of professionals.

You can still go DIY, but you’ll need to buy supplies. Bubble wrap is a must, hard carton boxes or just carton plates to wrap a device in them are also necessary. Stretch wrap can also come in handy, and packing tape is a must, too. Now, for TVs and monitors you have to consider how to keep their displays safe. You can wrap cloth around them, you can even buy special covers for them (given you can find them somewhere). After you are done, look for places from where dust can get in the box – seal those places with the tape.

That should cover most of it, the tips can be used for smaller electronics as well. But there is one more thing left – take good care of your cables. A good tip is to color-code them, take pictures of how they connect to the TV, PC or Monitor. Be careful not to tangle them up, because this is just plain irritating.

So here you go – some advice on how to pack your electronics safely. For more tips on packing and other interesting, related topics just follow our blog.

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