Moving Tips

September 2017

Things Most People Forget About

Even if you have planned everything, most of the time moving feels like rush hour. For a lot of people it seems like there’s no way something won’t go wrong.

Well, even if something is BOUND to go wrong, you can still have a relatively safe move if you don’t forget about the things we are about to cover next.

Thing #1: Documents

Whether you like it or not, we live in a bureaucratic society. That means everything that isn’t on paper is likely void. So we make quite a fuss about documents. “Written in stone” so to speak.

But that leaves us with many problems, when we have stacks of paper with important documents, scattered all over the house. It’s easy to forget some or to stash them away and then forget where you’ve put them.

The best thing you can do is to have them in a separate folder, where you keep all such items.

Thing #2: Pets

We love our pets, but we often forget that moving can stress them as well. If you don’t want that to happen, check with your vet. They can tell you what to do when you have to move with your pets.

Thing #3: Moving Boxes

We are pretty sure it’s some kind of Murphy’s law, but not having enough boxes is virtually mandatory when it comes to moving. Even if you have all the boxes in the world, you will need at least one more. It’s how the universe operates.

But it shouldn’t be like this. If you plan properly and trim down the stuff you need to pack, you can definitely get a good plastic box rental service to supply you with enough boxes to fit in everything.

Thing #4: A Change of Clothes

When you move to your new place, do you really want to start unpacking right away? Most likely not. You will be tired and you’ll want to take a rest. But you still have to prepare for the next day.

Sadly, most people don’t think in advance, and when the next day comes they either have to rush through the boxes to find clothes, or they have to get up early and unpack first.

Save yourself the trouble and have your change of clothes set aside for the next day.

Thing #5: Toiletries

Much like the change of clothes, you don’t want to go through all your boxes, so you can find the shampoo, conditioner and hair dryer. Or any other kind of toiletries for that matter.

You can simply have an overnight bag which can fit the change of clothes we mentioned and all the toiletries you’ll need. Put your important papers in as well and you’re pretty much done.


If you want to have a smooth move, then you should not forget the things we’ve mentioned today. Have everything ready and you’ll be alright.

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