Moving Tips

August 2017

Things To Make Moving Easier

Whenever we talk about moving, we know that this doesn’t even come close to being the favorite thing of our clients. It often is a long process, messy at times, it takes more time than we want and quite often we underestimate the amount of effort required.

But is there a way to have a go at it, without getting overly irritated, bored, exhausted and simply frustrated? Perhaps there is. Several ones, actually. Today we will give you some ideas about what you can do to make the entire thing a bit less of a pain.

Professional Movers

The easiest, although not the cheapest method around, is to hire professional movers. Seriously, you can’t do much better than that in terms of time saved. They will not only move everything for you, but you can also hire them to pack and unpack, and even arrange furniture for you.

If you really hate moving, this is the only option that takes you out of the equation. You can have a beer while watching the boys do their work, or you can set someone else to do it (provided you trust them enough to oversee your move). So if you really want to not spend any amount of time worrying about the move, just get professionals.

Moving Apps

Aside from professionals, the only other option is DIY. And that means DIY everything, not just packing or organizing. But doing it yourself is not as easy as it sounds. Actually it’s a bit tough, which is why there are so many online guides on how to do it properly. Even we have some here.

Well, with the current technology, you can bypass a lot of the problems that otherwise you’d have to face. There is an app for everything these days. This includes moving, packing, renting, cheap cleaning and organizing services and whatnot.

Go online, look around for the moving apps you may need and just get them. Most of them are free and you will be able to organize your move without much struggle. So that’s a win, right?

Sturdy Boxes

When it comes to packing you can organize and label as much as you want, but if your boxes are crap, you will end up with damaged items. It is extremely frustrating to be ready to load everything, just to have one of the cardboard boxes break open. It ruins the entire experience. And trust us, it doesn’t need ruining to feel bad in the first place.

With sturdy boxes you insure yourself nothing like this will ever happen. The best option is to go for a plastic box rental service, so you don’t even have to keep the boxes you don’t need after the move.


The last and most obvious choice is to get some friends to help you. Everything is easier with friends and the time will pass without you noticing. Carry on a conversation, enjoy a fun debate or simply joke about stuff – whatever floats your boat.

We wish you stress-free moving!

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