Moving Tips

July 2017

The Thing to Ask When Looking For A New Place

Before you even begin to think of moving, you have to find a proper place to go to. Well, sadly, this isn’t as easy as advertisements make it out to be.

Even if something looks amazing at first glance, be well aware that realtors and agents aren’t in the business to make YOU happy, they just want to sell or lease another apartment or house.

So, naturally, you’d have to do your own research, rather than trusting the words of an agent. And do you know how this research is best handled? Just ask around!

You can always start with looking things up online, but this won’t guarantee you a decent find. Still, many agencies now offer video presentations of apartments for leasing, so you can easily take a virtual tour around one.

When you finally get your eyes on something, your next step is to contact the agent and see it in person. However, while you are there, you mostly look at what you’ve already seen online.

But there is a better way to do things! If you just walk around and ask the neighbors the following questions, you can have a better idea of whether you should sign the contract or not.

Would You Get The Apartment/House If You Had The Chance?

This is crucial the question of importance. Worded like this, the questions won’t intimidate the neighbors. You are not asking them if they like their own house, or whether there are any complaint. Rather you want their opinion on what you are looking at.

Asking people in such a way is much more likely to get you results. They may say they already like their own house, but if they didn’t have it, they could’ve considered what you are looking at. This is a good sign.

And you can easily tell if they are reluctant to say much about the house. Firstly, they wouldn’t say they’d buy it if they really don’t want to. Secondly, they’d be hesitant to say they would never invest in it. So if the answer is pretty ambiguous, just know things may be bad.

Never forget to ask multiple neighbors. The opinion of one shouldn’t be taken at face value. Even a couple shouldn’t be trusted. Get as many opinions as possible and weigh them in.

When should you take action? If 90%+ of people would get the house/apartment, it’s a go. Even 70-80% is passable, as other neighbors may have grudges with the previous owner. But if things are a tossup (like 50-60% approval), skip. That means enough people have concerns with the place, so you should be concerned as well. And if you are concerned even before you’ve bought it, that’s bad news. Get to the next one.

Remember that you don’t need to sign the contract immediately. You may tell the agent you are interested in it, but nothing is set in stone. Keep in mind that when time comes for moving, you can always get your boxes from H2H Box.

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