Moving Tips

January 2019

The Bag You Should Pack First

Here in this blog we talk quite a lot about packing and moving. You have received plenty of great tips on how to approach both situations. However, one thing that we rarely talk about is what to prioritize. Because the truth is that you need to plan out some priorities.

For this reason, before you pack up any plastic moving boxes, you should pack yourself a bag of essentials. What are these essentials going to be? This is exactly what we will cover today!

Thing #1: Important Papers and Documents

Do you know what sucks? Having everything packed up neatly, just to realize that you’ve misplaced some important piece of paper that you would need on moving day. You know what that entails… Unpack everything until you find it.

You do not want that to happen. So you should pack these things first in your overnight bag of essential items. Find out all the documents you MIGHT need at all during the move, and take them with you in that bag.

Thing #2: Toiletries and Bathroom Supplies

Chances are that when you are done with moving, you would not want to start unpacking right away. You’d be tired after all! All you’d need then is a shower. But you cannot take it, if you do not have toiletries with you, right? Which brings us to the next thing!

Thing #3: A Set of Clothes

You never know when you will need a clean set of clothes. Imagine something comes up and you need to be properly dressed. If you do not get a set of clothes with you, you’d have to unpack your boxes in a rush, leaving a mess and yes, that is going to cost you a lot of time and headaches later.

This is why having a set of clothes with you is crucial. Not to mention that you would have peace of mind that you are at least somewhat prepared for unexpected events.

Thing #4: Some Food

Moving is exhausting, and you will likely be quite hungry afterwards. But depending on how tired you are, you may not even want to go out and have dinner (imagine if you also did not get a set of clothes). For this reason it is good to pack some food, but not just for the time being (when you move), but also for afterwards. Don’t worry, making a couple more sandwiches won’t be that hard.

Thing #5: Essential Electronics

We live in the internet age, so having no access to the internet is going to be a nightmare. Now imagine you have to check something out real quick – you can just use your phone. But what if you have to write a rather long email, or check something for work? If you have packed your laptop with all the other items, you are going to have a bad time.

Get your most important electronics with you in your overnight bag. That also includes things for recreation as well, because you might want to unwind after the move!

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