Moving Tips

March 2017

Spring Cleaning and Packing… And Other Stuff

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Spring, that’s who! Of course, spring is about to knock on our doors in, what now, a week? Yep, and people have already started to think about moving. I bet you are thinking about it right now! Or perhaps you’ve already scheduled your move and now you are looking for some tips on how to make it all easier! Then you are at the right place!

Here are some tips to get you going about your move or your prep for the move, actually, as I bet you’ve probably figured out the moving part (how difficult can it be, though, load a truck and get it going, right). Anyway, enough jibber-jabber, here go our tips!

#1 Where Are You Going To Pack Your Stuff

Do you have your containers figured out? I bet you didn’t think about that, now did you? Do not worry, there is a reason this site is called H2H Box. After all, if we cannot say a word about boxes, who can?

First, you may want to go for cardboard – that’s perfectly fine. Cardboard will get the job done, if the job ain’t that hard. But what if it is? You know what we are talking about – cardboard is not bump-resistant, it’s not water-resistant either, so you could do better! How, you ask? EASY! Get our plastic rental boxes at the cheap! Don’t worry, go ahead, they don’t bite. They will not only get the job done but they will do it perfectly!

#2 What Are You Going To Pack?

Does this question baffle you? After all, it isn’t really our job to ask you about ALL the things you’ll be packing – that’s your stuff we are talking about, not ours. And you are right. We only wanted to tell you that perhaps you don’t need to pack everything. Do you have useless things laying around your house? I bet you do! All of us have them. But now is the time to go around and get rid of everything that won’t have any use for you anytime soon and will only up the cost of your move.

#3 You Can Do It The Easy Way

Of course, everyone wants to know the easy way out. But every time you go for it, you should be prepared to pay! You can hire professional movers to get the entire sorting, packing and moving thing for you! That’s right, you will have to pay a bit more, but they will save you trouble, hassle and headaches! So consider doing just that – hiring a moving company.


We know you will rock your spring move like no other! After all, spring is the time for a change, right? So go there and do your best!

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