Moving Tips

April 2016

Spring Cleaning Advice

Moving isn’t always fun. Actually most people would say that it never is. It is a part of life that many people pass through, often multiple times, but in the end no one really enjoy is – at least not completely. And does that surprise you? Probably not. But moving is necessary, especially if you want to live in a better house or apartment. And if you have to move and wonder what boxes to use, skip the cardboard and rent plastic boxes from us. And to make the move easier, you have one more task. Right now we have some ideas on how to improve your home, or actually – how to effectively clean it during the spring. Pay attention and straighten up your place even if you are going to move. Thus you will have less items to worry about.

The first step to a successful spring cleaning is to plan the main activities in advance – and plan them room-by-room. For this task we advise you to start with the room, which get dirty the quickest. These would probably be the kitchen and the bathroom. Take more time to clean them thoroughly, prepare all the necessary cleaning supplies and go!

Go through each and every item you have laying around and consider when was the last time you enjoyed it, used it or in any way even noticed it. If you can’t remember, you probably don’t need it, and it should go away. If you have books laying around put them in their respective places.

When you start de-dusting you should always go from top to bottom. Ceiling lamps, chandeliers upper bookshelves – these things need to be cleaned first so that any dust that falls to the ground will later be caught by the vacuum cleaner. Sounds smart, doesn’t it?

To make the whole process easier or at least less tedious, put on some music. All the better if it is inspiring, motivating and so on. In one word – active. You don’t want to fall asleep listening to some lullabies.

Don’t overlook your more massive furniture. Take care of that sofa in the living room, clean it well, research on how to do so if there is such a need, but don’t skip on it. A dirty sofa can produce a lot of dust and your cleaning would become pointless if everything is dirty in the moment someone sits on the sofa.

Organize your clothing, bed sheets and linen and sort them out well in your wardrobe. This will make your life easier, but you have to stick to it throughout the year and possibly – your life.

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