Moving Tips

October 2016

Some Ways to Find Boxes for Your Move

When moving, you’d need tons of supplies, but one thing you cannot go without is boxes. It doesn’t matter whether you want cardboard or plastic, or what the pros and cons of each are, the fact of the matter is that you just need boxes. However, it can be a bit hard to find proper boxes and although we do sell them, you can also rent plastic moving boxes from us. Yet, we know that many of you would want other ways to get boxes, so we are giving you some options here.

#1 General Stores

Most of the goods and wares in general stores come in cardboard boxes. What do they do with them afterwards? Depends on the company policy. Some of them recycle the boxes, others leave them out back for people to take away. If you know such a store, don’t be afraid to go there and pick some boxes for yourself.

Please note – most of them won’t be as sturdy and robust, because they aren’t designed that way. Yet, for some lighter items they can do an excellent job.

#2 Local Bars

Same thing applies here – most bars have items delivered to them in boxes. And because local bars aren’t likely to have a recycling policy, they’d probably throw their boxes away. You can ask around – most of the time they will have some laying around and waiting to be thrown out at the end of the day. If one bar doesn’t have some boxes, check the next one – you are sure to find some.

#3 Purchase Groceries Directly with Boxes

If you are going to move anyway, why don’t you stack on some snacks? Maybe you need something else for your home. Going to a grocery store to get such things can actually give you the option to get some boxes with you. Find a box of snacks that is nearly empty and just take it together with the snacks inside.

This works for pretty much anything else. And if you just need a ton of certain foods, grab whole boxes of it. Two birds with one stone.

#4 Computer of Office Stores

If you aren’t a PC geek, you probably don’t know that most of the computer cases come in very sturdy cardboard boxes. If you have a PC store nearby, you can ask them for such boxes. Most of them will give them to you freely, as they have to get rid of them anyway. If they try to sell them to you, just say that you don’t want to pay, but you may recommend the store to a friend. Whatever goes.


It is possible to get some free boxes, but you have to spend some time searching and be creative. However, we still recommend buying or renting new boxes, as they will be sturdier, in better condition, and are much less likely to ruin a move.

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