Moving Tips

May 2018

So You Want To Move To Chicago?

If you are looking for an adventure, then Chicago should definitely be on your list. But maybe you have received a job offer in the city and you are now wondering whether or not you should take it? If you have still not read everything about the city, then we are here to share certain details of why Chicago makes for a great place to live.

However, we will go one step further and talk about the less obvious things. Other posts will mention food, culture and whatnot, but here we will spice it up a bit. Just don’t forget that when you decide to move, you should consider box rental options if you want your items to be perfectly safe. Now let’s go!

Got Free Time? Not Anymore!

If you ever find yourself bored in Chicago, you are not doing it right. The Windy City has so much to offer that you really can’t exhaust the possibilities in a life time. Want to enjoy parks? They are there for you. Maybe you are a museum geek? There are great museums for you, and most of them have something new to show on a regular basis.

You can go around and take a trip to the top of the different skyscrapers as well. Or you can go and find a local band, become friends with them and go to every show they have. You know, that’s just for starters.

You Will Be Renting

If you want to live in the city, chances are (and these are indeed quite high) that you will be renting. It is very hard to buy even an apartment here. They are very expensive and most people see them as an investment.

The sad part is that renting is not cheap either. So you better have a decently paying job, otherwise you will definitely have to find a roomie. Or a significant other. Or maybe a circus cat that can bring in some money from shows.

Speaking Of Jobs

Many people think that just because the city is big, there are great jobs for everyone. If you are not moving here on an offer, then you will have to look for a job. But that is not as easy as you think. Actually, the work place is very competitive and you have to bring something remarkable to the table.

That is not to say that you cannot live in Chicago on a lower-paying job. Just keep in mind that “mid class” here maybe significantly above the true “mid”. You probably cannot make ends meet on a thirty grand salary. Unless you do magic or something. (The real kind, that is).


Chicago should not be an intimidating city to move to, but you have to be prepared. Don’t expect it to treat you well, just because you are here and looking for adventure. You will have to earn your stay!

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