Moving Tips

August 2017

Is There A Simple Moving Process?

Whenever you have to move, it always seems like a pain. Planning, organizing everything, figuring out a schedule, taking days off work – it is just tiresome. So it’s no wonder that you may ask yourself whether or not there is a simple process.

Well, there is! Today we will give you some clear steps to take, in order to simplify the entire moving process. But you know what? The simplest solution is to hire professionals for your entire move. Everything from packing, furniture disassembly and loading to unpacking and assembly. The reality is that if you value your time and nerves, you should just trust the pros.

But still, here are the steps you need to take, in order to ensure a safe move.

Step #1: Figure Out The Details

Before you start with everything, first consider the details. So for example, research moving companies, see if the price for the complete service is worth it or not. Figure out whether you’d want to move by yourself, or you can actually pay movers.

If you are doing things yourself, figure out the route. Calculate how much the gas is going to cost, how much packing supplies will cost you, how many of them you will need and so on.

Step #2: Quality vs Price of Packing Supplies

Here’s where most people get the most headaches. They believe since moving is a once-in-a-while kind of thing, you can simply buy the cheapest packing supplies, as you won’t use them all and it doesn’t matter for a one-time use. Let me tell you – it matters! It matters a lot!

In order to have a smooth moving experience, without hassles and worries, you should spend the extra buck on high quality packing materials. For example, you can go for a plastic box rental service, which can provide you with high quality boxes for a fraction of the cost of buying them new.

But the same applies to all kinds of supplies. Buy sturdy bubble wrap and stretch wrap. Padding is also necessary for certain type of furniture. Don’t blow everything on packing supplies, but make sure you insure yourself against bad experiences. We’ve seen it happen many times. People buy cheapo supplies and then they ruin their TV, because the box breaks. Was it worth it saving twenty or even fifty bucks? Likely no.

Step #3: Read Packing Guides

You can go all in without figuring out how to do everything and if that’s your style, all the power to you. But if you don’t want to have headaches later and if you want to save yourself some time, consider checking online guides on how to pack.

We have a few of these in our blog, so you can browse through it if you want, or simply do a google search. Learn about labeling and color coding, as well as other packing tricks. They will help you on your way to have a trouble-free move.

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