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October 2017

Should You Move For The Winter

Winter is definitely something that a lot of folks hate. And it gets terribly cold in the northern states. So it’s no wonder that a lot of people consider moving south when the cold weather hits. There are many communities revolved around that, with the most common term about these people being “snowbirds”.

Well, if you are still part of the workforce and your work place is somewhere you must be every weekday, then moving down south is not really an option. But if you are retired and can neither stand the cold weather, nor the hot summers, then moving back and forth can be quite beneficial for you. But let’s check whether you should do it!

Do You Have The Nerve For It?

Whether some people like to admit it or not, moving takes a toll on everyone. If you are not doing it professionally, then you are probably doing some things wrong. If you aren’t prepared to move twice a year, than perhaps snowbirding is not for you. But if you take that challenge as not that big of a deal, then you may have found a way to truly escape the cold!

Do You Have The Resources?

There are no two ways about it. If you truly want to be a snowbird, you must save up or have the resources laying around. It’s an expensive endeavor, because it takes quite the investment. According to many snowbirds renting is not really an option and the only sufficient way to go about temporary relocation is investing in a vacation home. But that doesn’t come cheap.

So What If You Can Take It All?

Let’s say you are okay with moving twice a year and you have the resources to do it. Now you’d need some actual advice on how to do it. But first things first – you have to be properly prepared. Do your research online on everything that is involved in becoming a snowbird. That’s a mandatory first step!

When you are done researching and you are ready to prepare yourself for a move, consider downloading an online checklist. A checklist is great for keeping track of all the items you need to take with you. However, since you won’t be permanently relocating, you might like to have a custom checklist for only the items that are essential for you to take and not everything.

Yet whatever you decide to take you will still need sturdy containers for it. But you can’t constantly look for cardboard boxes every time you have to move, can you? Here come the plastic box rental services. They allow you to rent sturdy plastic boxes and return them after you are done with your move. Neat, right?

So are you convinced that you should become a snowbird now? If you are still wondering, perhaps it’s time to do that research we mentioned. But whatever the case, we wish you to greet the winter months the way you want!

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