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July 2017

Should You Move For A Job?

Opportunities come and go, but some of them leave us thinking quite a while. Do you accept a job out of state? Should you agree with a new promotion that requires you to move across the country? All these are questions that need to be answered, but they may not be so clear-cut.

That’s why today we will focus on what you have to take into account in order to decide if you should move. Don’t forget that moving is always an option, but you have to be prepared about it. If you need moving boxes, you can always consider renting some from H2H Box.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Before you even consider talking to your current or potential employer, you have to ask yourself certain things.

For starters, have you even considered the downsides? Most people strive to rise through the ranks, but oftentimes a promotion may only look good on paper. Moving to a new place may mean higher costs of living, fewer friends, crowded streets, expensive transport and so much more.

So perhaps that’s not worrying you. But do you really want the job? Oftentimes a new job may seem great because of the bump in the salary, but it comes at a price – your time, dedication and effort. It is natural that you will have more responsibilities and the higher the pay the greater the job (usually, at least).

So maybe you want the job and you are ready to experience whatever comes your way. But do you have a vision for the future? Many people don’t realize that quite a lot of high-paying jobs turn out to be dead-ends. Meaning you won’t be able to advance in your career beyond that point. Sure, that’s not the common case, but it happens, often without us noticing it.

Questions to Ask Your Current

So if you are actually okay with a move, you can then approach your employer and ask why you have to move. Is the new job a raise or a demotion? Will you have more responsibilities or not? Are you expected to move in order to keep the job, or can you refuse the relocation?

All of these are crucial to know. If the answers satisfy you, you can then ask how the move will be handled. Will you have to pay for it yourself or is it provided for by the company? Do you have a say in which moving company will take care of your relocation? Can you schedule it yourself?

Don’t forget that you can always walk away from a job, if it no longer suits your bill. It’s not that difficult, nor scary. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Questions to Ask Your Future Employer

If you decide to pick the job at a new place, you can simply ask the second portion of questions from the section above. However, be prepared for a negative response – meaning that you will have to figure out moving logistics and how to pay for them.

Whatever you go with, you have to know that you shouldn’t be afraid of taking a risk. Just make sure it’s a calculated one.

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