Moving Tips

June 2017

The Secret Weapon of DIY Moving

Who doesn’t want to make moving easier? Or cheaper? We know most people would enjoy the idea to save a couple of bucks if they can. And when that’s a couple of hundred, things get even more intense.

The reality is that DIY moves are somewhat on the rise. People decide to go for their own approach, but often they find themselves hitting a brick wall. Why? Because they rarely consider what it takes to do a proper move.

We’ve talked in the past for being prepared and educated about moving. That includes all kinds of things – from getting the right packing supplies, to figuring out proper boxes (H2H Box can help you with both). But what about proper transportation? Yes, most people rarely think about that.

Well, here’s our secret weapon – rent your own moving van or preferably truck. Whoa!

Yes, we know that you can probably fit a lot of stuff in your car and maybe take your friend’s car as well. Perhaps you don’t move that far away and two trips are fine with you. And if you are only moving small items that can fit into a couple of boxes that’s probably fine. But if you are about to move furniture or a whole stack of things, your vehicle probably won’t suffice.

At this stage most people call for a moving truck. But they don’t rent it. You, on the other hand, can save some bucks by doing just that.

However, driving a truck on your own is not such an easy task. For starters, it takes some getting used to and driving at a slower pace is mandatory. Not to mention that you should cut literally all distractions, so your attention is solely on the road.

Yet, there are some other tips that will help you while driving it. Getting a friend to come with you can be a major benefit. They can give you directions and callouts when parking, so you don’t have to get stuck in the process. Additionally, doing such a boring thing is much better with company!

Also make sure to plan your route ahead of time. Put it in your GPS app or draw it on a map. If you don’t do that, you will almost certainly spend too much time wondering about. And you don’t want to do that with a truck. Remember that you have two challenge – your lack of experience and the vehicle’s lack of maneuverability. You have to take both into account. Backing up and turning around may be fine with your car, but it would be a nightmare in a moving truck.

So there you go, our secret weapon! We may have scared you off a bit, but don’t worry, you can always give yourself some time off and hire movers. But if you like the idea of getting things done by yourself, then renting a moving truck is definitely a good choice. Don’t be afraid, we know you can do it!

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