Moving Tips

June 2017

The Risks of DIY Moves

We have discussed DIY moves many times in the past. We even have a comprehensive guide about them in our blog. But today we want to focus on something different – the risk that you have to overcome if you go down the road of DIY moving.

Yes, indeed, there are things that are not as straightforward and as simple as you may have initially thought.

For example, have you considered just how much time and effort it is going to take? In our experience, most people think it is much easier than it actually is and it takes much less time than it actually takes.

Do you think you can do everything in a day? Give yourself a weekend. You think you can pack over the weekend? Give yourself at least 2.

The reality is simple – we have much more stuff than we actually think. When it comes to taking out the trash and de-cluttering, we are pretty bad at it. So naturally, when we get to moving, we end up spending time deciding whether or not to throw something away. We go through out stuff of ours, we reminisce, we feel nostalgic. Aaaaaaand to hours of your time are gone.

This is the first risk – you can actually screw your plan up, if you don’t account for time spent doing nothing but thinking about stuff.

The second risk is injuries. Yes, in fact, that’s quite serious. Most people don’t know how to move stuff properly and don’t know that you can injure your back pretty bad. So don’t think you are Superman who can lift any furniture he wants.

Then again, you should know that heavy furniture is again quite the challenge. Many people think it just takes a few friends, but not everything works like that. A lot of antique furniture needs special handling, and if you have a large musical instrument such as a piano, you better get some certified movers to get you going.

Never forget that in the end being successful with your DIY move depends entirely on you. Yes, there are challenges, but that’s the case with anything. If you are dedicated, prepared and you know what you are doing, you are going to succeed.

Keep in mind that you will still need packing supplies. Nothing is worse than heaving a rock solid plan, which ends up failing because your cardboard boxes give up on you in the middle of the move. That’s why for a serious DIY move, you should consider plastic boxes rental services, such as ours.

But no matter how you choose to approach the move, go ahead and do it. After all, if all else fails, you can simply call a moving company and get it done properly. You won’t lose anything else than your time, and perhaps a few days off work.

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