Moving Tips

October 2017

How To Reduce Your Moving Costs

We pay for way too many things in our lives and it’s only normal to want to save a few bucks now and then. You will be glad to hear that when it comes to moving, there are great ways to reduce your expenses and actually come out of the whole ordeal without having paid much.

Today we have five tips for you, which will help you save money during your next move. Feel free to apply some or all of them!

Rent Your Boxes

We will start with this first, because it’s not simply a cost-effective thing. If you go to buy cardboard boxes, which are made for moving (i.e. they are sturdier, more robust), you may end up paying more for something you will not need after you’re done.

The alternative is to rent plastic boxes, which are later returned and are out of your way. Simpler, easier, cheaper. Find more about plastic box rental services by clicking on the link!

Call Your Friends

This may be obvious but most people are simply too afraid to ask their friends to help. You know what? Here’s an idea. Turn the whole thing into an event. They come and help you pack and move, you take them to dinner. Or buy them a beer. Whatever suits you.

And if one of your friends has a truck, be sure to get it. Seriously, if you DIY the whole move, you will just save yourself a lot of money.

Don’t Pay For Packing

Even if you go for professional movers, consider the services they offer. Most of them can do the packing and unpacking for you. While this is excellent if you don’t have time or ability to pack, you can still save some buck by packing everything yourself.

If you do proper research online, you will find packing techniques and tips so you don’t have to pay the movers to do the packing for you.

Use Your Imagination

Our imagination is a great instrument, which most of us fail to use. But you shouldn’t!

Packing supplies are usually cheap, but if you can forego even them, that means more dollars to your savings! But how to do that?

For example, you can use your towels, bed sheets, blankets and the like for padding, instead of buying additional padding. If you have old newspapers (or you just get some free), you can crumple them and use that as additional protection. They work great for that, and are pretty much as useful as foam pellets.

Don’t Pack What You Don’t Need

Many people end up paying a lot because they pack tons of pointless stuff. Do you really need all that statuettes you received as gifts? All the “#1 employee” mugs? Such items don’t hold much value to us, yet we continue to drag them from place to place. The simple solution? Don’t.

As you see, moving can end up costing a lot less than you expect. Just make the right choices!

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