Moving Tips

March 2016

Reasons to Get Yourself Moving Boxes

Back in the day people considered hiring movers to be the last option on the list. After all, what are your friends for, if not to help you when you need them? You make your friend get his parents’ van and then you cram it up till it bursts with stuff. And you’d make two trips if necessary. The whole ordeal will cost you quite some time, but surely you will bond – or more likely fight for a bit.

One of the reason people didn’t like to hire movers is because of all the planning. You had to find boxes, you had to wait for a truck to arrive, you wouldn’t know if the movers will help you at all with the packing, or if they will pay attention to how you’ve marked the boxes. But nowadays businesses have grown to serve customers the way they should – good service means more clients and returning clients as well. It is free advertisement, if you look at it from commercial standpoint.

Nevertheless, it is even easier with movers today. You can rent or buy boxes, which are specifically suited for moving. They are sturdy, with different volumes in order to meet your requirements, not that expensive, reusable and easier to handle and move around. More so you can label them with markers and easily re-label them if necessary. And you can also hire professional to do the packing for you. Consider our services in this field.

Many people think it is pointless to spend money on boxes. After all, you can always find cardboard boxes laying around, or you can ask a friend at your local grocery store. Or you have some plastic boxes around the house, which will do the trick. Well, no. And we are not trying to convince you to buy or rent moving boxes because we’d benefit. We want to convince you, because the most damage to items during moving happens because of improper packing – mostly using boxes, which can’t bear the weight of items.

The latest example is a friend of ours, who dropped his grandma’s china. Actually, the cardboard box just tore apart because of the weight. He was able to save some of the plates and a couple of cups, but most were broken. These are sad situations indeed, and we want you to help you skip them. After all, it is better to keep your stuff safe at a small cost than having to deal with regret and frustration.

We can go on talking about convenience and safety, but we have made our point by now. Sure, moving boxes also add the benefit of easier stacking and organizing, but this is something that concerns movers more than it does you. But in any case you see why it is better to go on renting boxes.

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