Moving Tips

April 2018

Plastic AND Eco-friendly? Absolutely!

Saying that the environment is important sounds rather dull. We all know that. Even big corporations, with huge manufacturing sites, are aware of this fact. The problem does not lie with the importance of the environment whatsoever. It lies in how we approach keeping the said environment safe.

Here is where most people fail. Even those of us who are trying to lead an eco-friendly life still cannot manage to do it properly most of the time. A Tesla may be great with its electricity, rather than fossil fuels, but how do you think that electricity is made? Or the batteries?

It is a tough cycle. Our lives are built on the internal combustion engine. For better or worse we still can’t escape from it, no matter how hard we try. But we can do something, at least when it comes to moving, and in particular – packing.

If you want to be as environmentally friendly as possible, then you will have to reconsider your ideas about moving. The average American will move more than a dozen times during their lifetime. How crazy is that? If you are living in the city, this number can double, because people tend to switch apartments quite often.

So even if you are somewhat eco-friendly, moving may often disrupt that. How? By requiring you to use things that are not that eco. Like plastic stuff. Right? Or can you actually use certain plastic things and still be eco?

The Case for the Plastic Box

Arguably the most needed thing in a move are containers. Without them, you cannot pack, and if you don’t pack, you will not move. So you need enough containers to fit all your items. However, do you even know where to get these? There are a few options.

You can gather cardboard boxes over time. If you have the place to store them, this won’t be too much of a hassle. Everything that you order online usually comes in a box, and you can keep those. But they are not as sturdy as you think and are only capable of carrying lighter items.

For heavier stuff, like china sets, you will need a more robust and sturdy box. There are cardboard ones out there, so great news, right? Wrong! This is where we have to talk about plastic moving boxes. Perhaps the word “plastic” scares you away. But it shouldn’t! Just think about it. What are cardboard boxes made out of? Essentially, trees.

But isn’t being environmentally friendly in part about saving trees? So how does it make sense to go cardboard, and not go plastic? Because with the plastic box, you don’t actually buy it. You rent it. You use it and then it is taken back. No manufacturing, no trees being dead, no nothing. Isn’t that what the green idea is all about?

So next time you move, and you decide to protect the environment, consider plastic as your friend, not your enemy!

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