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September 2018

Picking The Right Home – New or Old

Buying a house is such a huge decision that some smaller choices fly by us without noticing. You focus on the size of the house, and the price, you pay attention to the neighborhood and the city, but a lot of people neglect the actual construction.

The debate of new versus old construction homes is pretty interesting. On the one hand you have companies marketing new homes, while a lot of real estate agents would point you to the benefits of an older house.

Today we want to examine the claims of both sides and see if there is any merit to them. That way we will help you decide on what construction to look for, or maybe you will have peace of mind that it doesn’t really matter in the end. Then when you are ready to move, you can get your plastic moving boxes and pack them up!

What Is Up With New Construction Houses?

Frankly, people like new stuff. There is something inherently appealing when you are the first owner of a home. However, this benefit seems largely superficial. Who cares whether someone has lived there before if the place is good?

A major benefit that we cannot deny is the fact that you can pretty much customize any new home. New design trends are easy to implement with bigger rooms and arguably better flooring design. Of course, we have to acknowledge the fact that newer standards are usually better, especially when it comes to the grid.

However, a lot of newer homes may feel rather boring. They do not have anything unique about them, unless you order it… which sometimes defeats the purpose, depending on how you feel about it. Additionally, if you want some add-ons, they will most likely come at quite the hefty price tag and you will have to wait for the construction to get done.

All in all new homes can be a good choice if you do not care about the character of the place and you want to customize everything. They are also for those of you who prefer bigger rooms as well.

Is Old Construction Even Worth It?

To answer this question price-wise – absolutely. It is much more likely to find a good deal on an older home than on a new one. Why? Because you can negotiate! If you are buying from the owners, this can be done easily, but it is also possible through a real estate agent as well.

It is also good to know that older homes have a particular charm. Sure, the rooms are often smaller (although the footprint of the entire house may be the same), and grid design may be a problem for some, but these are things you can live with.

One of the drawbacks that we see is the more pressing need of maintenance. Older cabling and plumbing is likely to give up sooner than newer ones, but that is not always the case. Really, in the end you would have to make a decision on other factors as the type of construction doesn’t seem as important to us.

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