Moving Tips

March 2018

Packing Your Rooms

Who would have thought that we would ever talk about packing again? Well, of course, we would. But today is going to be somewhat different. We are not going to give you any specific packing tips per se, but will rather tell you how you should go about packing in general. And namely – in what order to pack your rooms.

This is as important as packing techniques themselves, but it is also crucial for your moving experience in general. Even if you know how to pack everything, starting at the wrong place can ruin the entire thing. You don’t want to pack something you’d need later in the day right? And you also don’t want to start with the room that you are going to be using till the very last minute.

So get yourself ready, find some plastic packing boxes and read on to learn more about packing order!

For Starters

There are generally two approaches to the room, with which you would want to start. The first is to pack all your storage facilities, such as closets, wardrobes, garages, attics, etc. This is a good general approach, given that you won’t need anything from these places. However, you may need tools from your garage to do some furniture disassembly, or you may not be entirely sure which clothes need packing and which should be worn. Although this is a fairly minor issue and you should sort it all quickly enough.

However, if packing your storage spaces first doesn’t seem all that appropriate to you, try this – pack the most unused room in your home. Then the second after that. And make your way up from there, till you reach the room that you are going to be using just till the day you move.

But these two approaches are only useful if you think of packing some days prior to the move. We are talking about 3 or 4 days that you have to have for inventory, preparation, sorting things out and so on. If you don’t have that time, what should you do?

Structure Your Tasks

Maybe you don’t have enough time for packing and you want to get it done in a day or two at most. Well, there is a method to do all that, but be warned – you will have to work quickly and it will drain you.

We are talking about structuring your tasks from the hardest to the easiest. Basically you will have to plan out your entire day. That way you will be prepared to handle everything properly. You wake up do your morning routine as quickly as possible and go on with working throughout the entire day.

You start with the hardest room to pack, then you go to the second hardest and all the way to your bedroom. Ideally, even if your bedroom is pretty hard to pack, it should be last, because you’d have to sleep somewhere, right? If you are planning to move out just by the end of the day somehow, then it is OK to start with it. Otherwise, leave it for last.

Now go out there and move like a boss!

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