Moving Tips

May 2017

Packing Your Bedroom

Moving as a whole is rather an unpleasant experience for most people. Why is that? Probably because it feels like a chore and it takes tons of time, energy and even money. After all, who likes to lose any of these?

But it is a part of our lives nonetheless, so we have to cope with it. Yet you can’t really put all the aspects of moving under one banner. There are tips and tricks for all the different stages of moving. Today we will cover how to probably pack your bedroom – because there certainly are specific things to keep track of.

#1 Figure Out Your Boxes

You have to find boxes for your items. We have gone over many ways of finding proper boxes in the past, but our main tip is to go for a plastic box rental. Such boxes are much sturdier than most and will take care of everything – from bed sheets, to toiletries, to all your clothes and much more!

But there are alternatives as well. For example, you can collect cardboard boxes from different local stores if such are up for grabs. A lot of liquor shops have a full stack of such boxes so you can try your luck there.

#2 Don’t Overdo It

You can be intimidated by the amount of things you have to pack. So instead of looking at them as a huge pile of stuff that you need to cram into little boxes, think about all the small things.

Can you take care of your books and makeup first? How about all those shoes you aren’t about to wear any time soon (due to season changes and all that)? So you start out with the things you wouldn’t immediately need and you move your way up.

In no time you will get to clothes or bigger items and once more you may begin to feel overwhelmed. Stop yourself. Take a break. Leave the room. Clear your head and go back in when you feel comfortable. Then start with the bigger things.

Clothes, bed sheets, towels and so on can easily be packed. However, remember to have spare clothes for the day of moving as well.

Furniture comes last. Perhaps you can’t go without professional movers at that point. If you have heavy furniture, it may require disassembly. Otherwise it may be able to fit inside a truck as it is.

#3 Pay Attention

Your bedroom may be your fortress, but too often we neglect or overlook things. If you have a hardwood floor, be sure that you are not going to damage it when you attempt to move the bed by yourself. Or the wardrobe. Or even the drawers.

You get the point – just be careful. You don’t have to make the entire process harder by rushing everything. Instead you should focus your attention and get to work.


So this is it. Doesn’t sound that difficult now, does it? We hope that your next move is going to go perfectly. And remember, you can always count on us for advice! Check back with us next week!

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