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January 2016

Packing Tips

Packing tips for traveling that can actually help you when you are moving as well
Maybe you are searching sites for how to pack your boxes efficiently, but you can never really find what you are looking for. But have you actually considered that tips on how to pack your baggage for traveling can actually be useful when moving, too? You probably have suitcases and some boxes. If you are in need of boxes, but don’t want to spend too much on buying new, you can always take a look at what we have to offer.

So to start we have general advice – don’t just put things in without considering efficiency and proper spacing. It is very important to decide what you are taking with you and not having it moved by the company you’ve hired. That would usually include a change of clothes, toiletry, valuables, etc. But don’t just stick random set of clothes. Consider what will be most useful – if you have to go to work on the next day, pack accordingly. If you have some days off, pack light, multipurpose clothes like t-shirt, a sweater maybe, depending on the season a pair of shorts or pants – you get the idea.

When you pack your clothes, consider how you are going to do it. You’ve probably heard of rolling your clothes. That is not always the best option, but it can be for things such as t-shirts, some sweaters, jeans and other clothes that are soft and are not usually prone to wrinkling. Rolling is perfect for bags without much structure. There are many tutorials out there on how to roll different types of clothing like pants, t-shirts, etc. so we won’t be covering that here, because it is better to look up the exact method you need.

If you have a more rugged, structured suitcase, consider folding. However, keep in mind that you have to know what is better folded and what is better rolled. Dress shirts are definitely better folded and there is actually a specific method for folding that will reduce the amount of wrinkles which may occur. Again, a video tutorial is probably better, so look it up. Suits usually cannot be folded, but provided you have big enough suitcase it is possible to fit them in a suit bag and inside the suitcase.

There is one other thing to keep in mind. Your suitcases probably have wheels and a telescopic handle, which will somewhat interfere when you are packing your stuff. A tried and true method is to lay socks and other soft, rolled clothes on the bottom of the suitcase, in order to level everything straight. Then your folded clothes can go on top and stay on a leveled surface with as little chance of wrinkling as possible. Usually on the very top you should have thicker jackets, to act as a cushion to everything. It is highly advised to never use the tightening belts that are usually found inside a suitcase. The reason for this is that they will most likely wrinkle your clothes, due to the uneven pressure they provide.

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