Moving Tips

August 2017

Packing Tips For Easier Moves

Whenever we have to move, we dread the whole idea of the process. It’s why most people go with the simplest solution – getting professional movers for the entire thing. However, there are some of us who simple want to go at it by themselves. As if it’s some sort of a challenge.

Don’t worry! As challenging as it might be, we actually have some tips (or should I say hacks) about packing, which can actually shorten the entire moving process and make it a lot less tedious. Shall we begin?

Start With Quality

When you start packing, you have to have boxes first, right? Well, most people just resort to their local stores’ cardboard boxes, but oftentimes these simply aren’t good enough.

Used boxes are usually beat up and then don’t offer that much protection to items inside them. And what happen if they break in the middle of the moving process? Let me tell you – bad things happen.

So what should you do? Consider plastic box rental services, such as H2H Box. We offer high quality plastic boxes, which you can rent for your move only, so you don’t have to figure out ways to store them.

Labeling Is Your Friend

You’ve heard us talk about making an inventory list, so you can track what you’ve been packing. But you know how you can make everything easier?

Stick a list with what each box contains on the side of the box. That way you don’t have to guess what you should unpack first and what doesn’t have much priority.

For example, clothes for the week, bed sheets, toiletries, and so on, are better to be unpacked first, so you can actually take care of yourself right after you move.

Your kitchen appliances, on the other hand, are not that important, at least in the beginning. Next season clothes are again not a priority. So labeling is really helpful.

Color Coding Is Your Other Friend

While labeling can take care of the details of a box, the color coding method is excellent for saving you time when moving. You color code the boxes based on the rooms they should go to (or come from). So stuff from your bathroom gets the color blue for example, while your kitchen gets white or gray. The living room may be brown and so on.

Color coding gives you the opportunity to know which box goes where simply by having a glance at it. You don’t have to read labels, you don’t have to pause – you just pick up the box, glance at the color and know where you should get it to.


While today’s tips are simple tricks to get your packing and moving process a bit easier, they are basically invaluable. That’s because simplicity is often genius. So take our tips and have a go at your DIY move.

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