Moving Tips

December 2016

Packing – Should You Pack Everything In A Box?

We’ve all been there – having to pack, figuring out what goes where. We sort the boxes, preferably we also sort the items, but then we are still left with the feeling that we don’t know how to do the job properly. Don’t worry, this is a common feeling. Sometimes you just don’t know where to start, while other times you just feel a bit overwhelmed, because sorting is a tiresome process all by itself.

Packing isn’t easy. It takes a bit of consideration and a lot of strategy to pack everything properly and most importantly – securely. When people don’t know how to do that they end up with broken dining sets, shattered glasses, torn garments and so on. And you don’t want that, do you? We will give you some advice on what to pack where and if something should even go into a box. But don’t forget – if you need good boxes that won’t break during the move and will hold everything securely, we from H2H Box can supply them for you at a cheap rental cost. But let’s get started

Are you familiar with specialized boxes?

Indeed, there are boxes, which won’t suit a lot of items, but are perfect for some. There is a special box for TVs, for dining sets and plates, as well as other utensils. There are some boxes better suited for clothing, there is a wardrobe box even and other specialized boxes. Now, if you think you know how to pack well without these boxes, then you don’t have to get them. But they do make the whole process a lot easier.

Some items you shouldn’t pack

Can you guess which? For starters, just stay away from inflammable items. Not only should you not pack these, but you shouldn’t even take them with you in the car. If you don’t know how to secure them properly, having a fire hazard with you is indeed a risk not worth taking.

Also, please don’t put plants in boxes. Starving them of air and sunlight is bad. You may have watered them, but this doesn’t mean they will fare well. So if you don’t want them to die and you are moving long distance, you should consider specialized plant moving or just gifting them to friends. If you can secure them in your car for a 2-3 hour drive, they will be fine, but don’t go overboard with 2 days of driving them around the country.

Another thing you should consider not stowing away in boxes is your important documents. Your birth certificate may seem to matter little when moving, but if you lose it in the process, it is a pain to get a new one. So just avoid that and get all your important paper with you in your overnight bag. If you don’t have such a bag, get one. Or at least get yourself a folder to put all the documents in.


There are many things to consider when moving, but you shouldn’t get all stressed about it. Maybe you should go about hiring professionals to pack for you, if you feel that you won’t do a great job of it. In any case we hope you have a great move and enjoy your new place!

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