Moving Tips

August 2016

Packing Guide for Your Move

Although many people nowadays don’t have the time to approach a moving project by themselves, there are still some of you, who’d want to do everything by themselves. While this is certainly possible, there are still some things to consider, in order to have a move without worries. Arguably, the most important thing about moving is actually packing your items. Now, if you look at our other articles, there certainly is a lot of information, that you can use to your advantage. However, in our experience we’ve noticed that people liked more summarized info and that is what we are bringing to you today. Our advice is by no means comprehensive, but it is a good foundation for those of you, who want to approach the project of moving by themselves. And some of the tips may look a bit commonsensical, but that’s even better – at least when you have a foundation that makes sense, you can easily build up on it.

Now, we can’t really give you hard numbers on what items you need and how many of them either. But we can give you some general guidelines so you understand what kind of boxes to buy or rent. If you want to bet on quality and don’t want your boxes to break or tear, as it is something usual with cardboard, you can choose from our box rental options. They are much sturdier than your usual box and are easily stacked, transported and handled. This makes your moving process a lot easier. But if you still decide to go with cardboard, we can supply that as well. Based on the size of your apartment or your house you may need quite a lot of boxes. But think about it like that – every room can be packed in 5 small, 5 medium and 5 large boxes. It may take you more or it may take you less, but you can use that as a general guideline. Of course, if you have a large living room with many bookshelves, you want more than 5 small boxes for your books. But otherwise, this is a good way to start.

Then you have to go and buy bubble wrap. This is without a doubt the most useful packing material invented. We are not saying that it is the best, but you can virtually use it everywhere – for your vases, to your dishes, picture frames and so on. Close second is the stretch wrap. This piece of material can work with bubble wrap or by itself. Wrapping a piece of furniture in it will partially protect it from eventual light scratches that would otherwise madden you.

Also think about box labeling. You’d want to get yourself some markers, which you can use to label the boxes. It can be as simple as “Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room”, or you can go more comprehensive, with a list of items inside the box as well.

These are our general guidelines and we will further expand on the subject in another blog post. But for today that’s it. Good luck with your move and don’t forget that we can help you with it, if you don’t want to do it by yourself!

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