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October 2016

Pack and Leave – Our Modern Freedom

Many people cannot imagine a different lifestyle than what they have right now. Sure, you may think that a rock star, an actor or any other kind of celebrity has a vastly different lifestyle than yours, but this isn’t the case most of the time. Everyone is exposed to the same kind of news and frankly – the same kind of opportunities. Sure, some have lucked out more than others, but at the end of the day we do have our “American dream” to strive towards, don’t we? But things haven’t always been like that.

If you go back a couple of hundred years, you will see that people had a vastly different outlook on life. Most of them think that you ought to be what your father was – a farmer, a blacksmith, a hunter, and so on. Vocations were what it is about. Today we can imagine becoming doctors like our parents, but we can’t imagine spending all of our lives in one place.

Do you know how many times the average American moves? About 12 times throughout their lifetime. And this number is rising. If we assume that you stop moving when you are 55-60, this means that a move happens every 5 years or so. And that is if you were living for the last 40-60 years. Nowadays you people move even more, with number reaching up to 20-25. Double the previous amount!

Can you comprehend it? This means you may be moving once every couple of years. No wonder that the moving business is blooming, right? But this is the great thing about our career system. You can go anywhere in the country for a promotion. Your place isn’t truly yours, you never place roots anywhere. Packing and leaving is what gives you the option to actually pursue a better life. Sure, part of the American dream is to buy your own place, one that you can wholeheartedly call home, but the reality is this is not the best choice.

We won’t go into detail why renting may be more beneficial for you, but remember this. If you want your freedom, you have to give something for it. And if not owning a place is that price, won’t you gladly pay it? Would you want to miss the opportunity of a 50% raise on your salary, just because you have bought a house in the wrong state?

We know that living in our modern society may be a bit hectic, but the freedom – we love it, we live for it. So don’t be afraid when you have to move. Pack your bags, or get some rental moving boxes and do what’s best for you. Cater to your own needs and soon you will see you will be much more able to cater to the needs of others.

Have a nice move, or a dozen, if we are about to trust statistics.

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