Moving Tips

March 2016

Organizing is Important

Moving is a part of life and for many of us it can become a regular occurrence. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to move because of a job. I mean, it wasn’t really mandatory, but in order to have more time to myself and to be easier for me to go from one place to the other, I have always found it beneficial to move closer to my job. And we are not talking about some short term jobs here and there, it just so happened that I had to switch workplaces based on the current market.

Anyway, the whole idea is that when moving becomes so regular, we get annoyed with it. This makes us not want to take special care of our items, we stop paying attention to what we pack and how we pack it, we just tend to cram things together and hope for the best. Of course, this should not be happening, but it quite often does. So what can we do to help it? To be honest, nothing much. Motivating yourself to do the things properly is a whole separate topic. And fairly speaking – most of the time you probably won’t be motivated.

But the lack of motivation should not keep you from being a bit more careful with your items when you move. Because as the title suggests – organizing is important. Now I don’t move as much, but still my rooms are messy. I make it a rule to organize everything at least a couple of times a year. It may seem as a chore in the beginning, but let me tell you – it’s quite therapeutic. I usually have a Youtube channel playlist going, while I organize and put things in their respective places. Everything works out quite well.

Organizing stuff will help you while moving as well. To have everything ready to be packed and unpacked in its own room – it saves a bunch of time, hassle and worries. Best thing you can do? Get yourself some plastic moving boxes, sort everything out, put it in the boxes, put labels on the sides and you are ready to go. Well, it is not quite as fast or quite as simple, but it is a relatively easier process than having everything unpacked and wondering where you should put it. By organizing you can unpack one box at a time and put everything where it should be, without wondering where the other things from the kitchen cupboard are.

With our simple advice you can now go, pack everything and move. Quite good, right?

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