Moving Tips

October 2017

How NOT TO Move Your Books

Books seem to be on the rise with more and more people reading buying and reading them. Sure, the technological advancement has a lot to do with that, but printed books are quite popular as well.

However, when it comes to moving, digital has the advantage – you don’t have to pack and transport anything. But there’s something magical about physical books, which just makes us buy more and more. But we also have to move them at a certain point.

While moving books is not exactly a mind-crushing experience, you may still make some mistakes that will ruin the move. Worse – they can ruin the books. And while there are many ways to do things right, please, don’t do them wrong by avoiding these mistakes.

  1. DON’T Pack Books With Their Spine Up

The safest way to pack books is to lay them flat on top of each other. The heaviest and densest books go first, then you pack the lighter ones. But some people have the idea that books can rest safely however you put them, just because they are, you know, books. Well, no.

If you pack them spine up (or even down) and you stack another row on top, the weight and moving around will definitely damage the pages, covers and possibly even the spine of the books. So avoid that.

  1. DON’T Use Huge Boxes

While it may seem intuitive to get a nice large box and cram every book in it, you should stick to smaller containers. Think about it – one book may not seem heavy, but 10 are a different story.

If you stack 20 books on top of one another you may not be able to move them at all. So why do you think you will be able to move a giant box filled up with paper? You can’t. So pick your battles, as the saying goes.

  1. DON’T Depend on Cardboard

The problem with cardboard boxes has a lot to do with the weight of the books. As we’ve mentioned, 10 books are not that light. Flimsy boxes are definitely not suitable for moving heavy items, and this applies to books.

You don’t need to experience a full box breaking on you to know it’s something you should avoid. But due to the fact that books are not exactly the sturdiest things, such a disastrous event may be quite harmful to them as well.

The alternative is to get plastic boxes that can actually hold their own. We from H2H Box offer plastic box rental services, which can help you tremendously, because you return the boxes after the move. No need to figure out how to store them, where to cram them and all that stuff.

Are You Now Ready To Move Your Books?

While moving books is not rocket science, it still takes some thinking about. But we are confident that you can do it. Just put in some effort and use that love of books you have!

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