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December 2018

Neighbors To Look Out For

If we lived in a perfect world, the only thing that you would ever need to research before buying a house, is the house itself. You would go see it, ask a few questions about it and if you fall in love with it, you know it is right. Sadly though, sometimes we may find the perfect home… if only there weren’t other ruining factors.

The neighborhood matters quite a lot, but one thing that may matter even more is the neighbors. And you know it. You have been through the experience of having bad neighbors for sure. Sometimes they make just want to rent moving boxes and be done with the place.

However, when you buy a home, you cannot really afford that. Or at least it is not as easy. So what can you do? Today we are going to tell you a bit about the most annoying type of neighbors that you best avoid. And if you spot them in the area of your prospective home… yes, you know it won’t be a good fit.

Neighbor #1: The Party Animal

It may be funny to see such people when you are in your 20’s but when you want to settle down and have children, such a neighbor is the last thing you want. However, with the rise of the internet, people are getting richer in different ways. So it is not unheard of for a 20-year-old to live in a nice house right next to you. Now imagine if there are parties there constantly. Not great, right? Ask around a bit and figure out if the neighborhood is fairly silent when nighttime comes.

Neighbor #2: The Tabloid

The last thing you want when moving to a new neighborhood is to get involved in drama. Sadly, if there are gossipy neighbors, you may not have a say in it. What makes it even worse is that you can have a hard time spotting them at first. Plus you cannot go screen every single neighbor, can you now? Luckily, the worst offenders will come find you on their own. If this happens you know that the neighborhood is compromised!

Neighbor #3: The Everything-Is-Mine Kind

While the previous two neighbors can be obvious irritants, with this one you cannot be sure until it is too late. That is because people do not usually notice such relationships if they do not happen to be part of them. We are talking about the property line offenders of course!

Some people seem to think that their property extends to pretty much wherever they want. They may put up a fence, that actually has no place there and is on your property. They may even take liberty in arranging your own yard (or at least its borders, like trimming the hedge, and so on).

That is obviously irritating, but you can do a lot about it. If you spot the offense, make sure you notify the neighbor first. Explain the situations, point out where your property line is, and see how things develop from there.

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