Moving Tips

June 2017

Need More Space?

Although our main focus is providing you with high quality boxes and additional moving services, we still know a thing or two about furniture rearrangement and similar stuff. But what we find most surprising is that most people are not content with the apartments they have. Why? Because they feel too small.

The reality is that we as humans tend to occupy whatever place we have with something. Guess what – even if you have a big apartment, you will end up filling it with junk you don’t need.

So the question should not be “where to find a bigger apartment on a reasonable lease”, but rather “how can I make my current apartment feel bigger”.

See, in all actuality, you can make your place feel spacier by doing some things a bit differently. How? Well, the simplest way is to rearrange your furniture for example.

But let’s take that a step further. Perhaps you have too many pieces of furniture or they are too big for your place. You can consider swapping them for something minimalistic, modern and multifunctional.

A bed that doubles as storage is excellent for your bedroom, while foldable chairs can be your perfect option to declutter your living room. And no, foldable chairs are not necessarily less comfortable. Look for modern designs. Many of them are super comfy.

Or you can completely get rid of furniture you don’t need. Or other stuff for that matter. As Americans, we tend to hoard. But how can we actually fix that? You can go digital with your media.

Books, movies, magazines, newspapers – pretty much anything we used to buy physical can now be consumed in a digital form. Sure, some say the beauty of it is lost that way, but we disagree. Some books you don’t need to own physically – they are a one-time read, which will only take space and gather dust on your shelf. Same applies to magazines – if you aren’t collecting them, but are rather interested in the information, you can definitely skip on their physical copies.

Now, movies are interesting. People like to have a collection at home, but in reality, it is mostly pointless. If everything you own is digital, you can be certain that nothing will be lost. But physical stuff? It can break, your home can be burgled and so on. So, going digital is safe in that regard as well.

But if you have already utilized all of our tips and your apartment still feels way too small, maybe it’s indeed time for a change. But don’t forget that when moving you still need sturdy boxes. With our plastic box rental service, you can actually get such boxes without buying them.

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