Moving Tips

November 2016

Do You Need A Bigger Box?

Have you ever thought during a move that you should get the biggest boxes available? Well, not furniture big, but still, something you deem carry-able. This is what most people think and why they try to find bigger boxes then what they already have. It seems rational, as you wouldn’t need small boxes to fill with a couple of items with no room left for anything else. Instead, you’d rather have 2-3 big boxes per room, as everything would be much more organized. Or would it be?

See, the human mind works in an interesting fashion – if you need a bag, you want it to be big enough to fit everything you need. But the bigger the bag, the more things you start to put in and later you suddenly feel like the bag isn’t that big after all. They build two new lanes on a busy street and you’d think the traffic will get easier, right? But it doesn’t. Because people fill it with more cars.

It isn’t that you need big boxes – you need to utilize the smaller ones. And it isn’t that hard either. We at H2H Box provide all kinds of boxes, which vary in size. Still, the largest boxes are easy enough to handle, provided you don’t fill them with the heaviest of items. And that is the problem. People try to stuff everything into big boxes for some reason. This is not what you should do!

The heavier the box the harder it is to pick up and handle. And if you cannot lift a box alone, guess what – you’ve messed up. A box per person is a rule you should follow. Why? Because it is easier to do everything with a box you can lift by yourself. It can unpack it by yourself and actually it is not hard to sort things using it. Just divide it equally among smaller boxes and you can actually do a lot of moving by yourself.

However, there is one exception – if you want boxes for your furniture or big electronics, you will have to buy bigger. But then again, you can’t just buy any box for such an item, as you’d have to go for more specialized ones, which leaves out the possibility to buy them for general use.

At the end of the day there is one thing you need to understand – don’t fall victim to the misconception that bigger is better, because it not always is. Buy what you need and not what seems to be better. Many times our perception of “better” is flawed by perceived size, looks, colors and whatnot.

Don’t forget that you can always rent boxes using our services. We provide both cardboard and plastic boxes for all kinds of moves. Give us a call to get more information on the subject.

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