Moving Tips

September 2017

The Moving Tips That Matter

When it comes to moving advice, you can definitely find a ton of it out there. But where do you start? Which advice is more valuable and what are the essentials? These are good questions, which we will attempt to answer today. So let’s get going!

You Need Friends

Seriously, it’s not even worth it to try moving on your own if you don’t have someone to help you. There are so many things to take into account that without a bit of help, you might as well give up.

Well, you can probably do the packing by yourself, if you absolutely have to, but when it comes to moving, you will need a hand. Not to mention that some tricky packing situations can also leave you in need of a second set of hands.

Your Positive Attitude Is Key

If you really want to go through moving with a breeze, you better pick up your positivity. Most people approach moving with a lot of pessimism and a state of mind, which screams “let’s get this done with as quickly as possible”.

Sadly, this only leaves you with more frustration, because you then tend to dwell on every little mistake and setback. And when you emphasize those, the whole process feels tedious to the point of enraging you.

Don’t Go Overboard

You don’t have to pack every single thing or take everything with you for that matter. Before you get to moving, take a couple of weekends to decide whether or not you should move something or just throw it out. Perhaps you can even sell it to get a few buck back.

Whatever the case is, the less items you have to move the better. So don’t underestimate the power of proper item trimming. Invest a bit of time now and thank yourself A LOT down the road.

Pick The Right Boxes

If you don’t want your cardboard boxes to break when you stuff them with items, then don’t get cardboard boxes. The best solution at this point is to find plastic boxes, which are made specifically for moving.

However, buying them is pointless. What are you going to do with 20 empty boxes? Stash them till your next move? That’s not really acceptable. Instead go for a plastic box rental service, so you can get on with your move as easily as possible. Pack, move, return the boxes – as simple as that.

Call The Movers

Remember that you are not an omnipotent person. You can’t do everything by yourself. And since moving is quite the hassle, sometimes it’s really best to just call the movers. Seriously, how much money are you going to save by doing everything on your own? Chances are – not much.

We are not discouraging you from going down the DIY road, but if you haven’t done it before and have absolutely no experience with it, you will need to do quite the research and be prepared to spend a lot of time in learning stuff. So consider yourself warned.

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