Moving Tips

September 2017

Moving Things You Shouldn’t Do

Moving is about doing less things wrong than it’s about doing more things right. That’s because there are only so many things you can do right. After all it’s a simple process. But you can definitely do many things the wrong way and today we will discuss what to avoid.

Don’t forget that in general you should always look to make your move smoother and easier. And that just doesn’t happen if your moving supplies are of law quality. You don’t want a stretch foil that tears, nor bubble wrap without much bubbles, right? Then why are you satisfied with torn up cardboard boxes?

The best thing you can do for your moving supplies is to get tough plastic boxes. H2H Box offers them at a reasonable rent fee, so you don’t have to wonder where to put such boxes afterwards. But let’s get to the topic at hand.

You Shouldn’t Give In To Procrastination

This is a problem for many areas of life, not just moving. But when it comes to moving it can lead to disaster. Psychologically we are not good at assessing how much time will be required to do a job. We always tend to think we can do better than we actually can.

This leads to procrastination. We think “Well, I can start in 2 hours and get everything done quickly”. The chances are the time you’ve allotted won’t be enough. So don’t give in to the notion that you can handle the move in no time. You can’t.

You Shouldn’t Forget The To-Do List

Procrastination is definitely an issue, but you can get overwhelmed by the process even if you’ve allotted enough time to do it. Why? Because preparation is also important. Winging it is not going to work out for you when it comes to moving.

That’s why you should prepare a handy to-do list. The easy way out is to download one from the internet, or just use it as a guide to create your own with more details and specifics to your move.

You Shouldn’t Fail To Consider Professionals

Professional movers exist, because there is a need for them. If you look online, you will see just how many moving companies there are. Why do you think that’s the case? Don’t you think more people should have consider DIY moving?

The truth is simple – moving isn’t as easy as people think. But it is important. So many folks consider the time wasted and efforts spent to not be worth the money saved.

I am not familiar with the overall statistics, but it’s probably safe to say that the majority of people at some point just give up and hire movers. If you are not up for the challenge from beginning to end, don’t waste your time with DIY moves. Just call the pros.

That being said you shouldn’t feel discouraged. If you absolutely believe you can handle the move by yourself, then go for it. Many people have done it and you can be among them as well.

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