Moving Tips

April 2018

Moving Out For The First Time

Moving out of your parent’s house is one of the first major steps towards independence. Sure, you may have been to college and lived at the dorm there, but this is not really the same. You weren’t independent then and you likely were not on your own.

While you may not be on your own even now, there is a much bigger degree of responsibility that you’d have. So let’s check out what are the little details that you may miss as a first-time mover. You have to take care of these things if you want everything to go smoothly and to have a nice experience altogether. After all, you better start your independence journey on the right foot, isn’t that so?

Tip #1: Learn How To Pack

Learning how to pack is a valuable skill that will come useful to you throughout your life. Because it teaches you how to organize essentially everything. That means that even if you don’t move all that often, you still can use the skill to tidy your place up and keep it neat.

Sloppy homes are a disaster and knowing how to pack will make sure that you have no excuse to keep things a mess. And you will save on your move as well, provided you are the one paying for it (and you should be!). To make sure that everything is kept safe remember to rent some plastic packing boxes.

Tip #2: Then Come Basic Repairs

There are tons of video tutorials that will teach you how to repair basic things around your home. If you think that’s not necessary, think twice. Because you can end up paying a ton for small repairs that you can really handle by yourself. Buy a toolbox and always be ready to get your hands dirty for minor things.

As a bonus, learn how to sew a button and to iron clothes. Definitely useful things to have as skills.

Tip #3: Budgeting

Do you know that you can save a lot on a move if you put your mind to it? You have to learn how to budget. This is sadly not taught in school and is something that must be learned the hard way. But again – online there are great tutorials on how to do that.

This is again a skill and overall knowledge, which will help you throughout all areas of your life, not just saving up on your move. If you don’t want to end up broke and crushed by debt, you should absolutely learn how to handle your money.


Independence is great, but it comes with responsibilities as well. You cannot have one without the other. So do your best to become useful to yourself in all sorts of ways. After all, you won’t be that independent if you have to depend on other people’s goods and services all that much, will you?

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