Moving Tips

May 2017

A Moving Day Checklist

Moving can be quite the challenge. That’s why we want to help you make it as smooth as possible. We know that not all people want to hire professionals, and many of you out there are a DIY enthusiasts. However, keep in mind that whatever route you pick, you still need to make sure that things go well.

For the DIY crowd we have to note that high quality boxes should always be a part of your moving supplies. If you still have accounted for that consider plastic box rental from H2H Box. But let’s get going with our checklist.

Item #1: Find Professional Movers or Call Friends

Go online and search for reputable moving companies. If you have any friends that can give recommendations, that’s even better.

However, if you don’t want to hire a moving company, then give your friends a call. Arrange everything, set a date and you are done with item #1.

Item #2: Prepare The Supplies

If you’ve hired a moving company to take care of everything, you may not need packing supplies. But if you are about to do everything with your friends, make sure that you’ve got it prepared.

Stretch and bubble wrap are a must, as well as duct tape, masking tape and similar supplies. Prepare scissors and boxes (preferably plastic, but sturdy cardboard can do the trick as well).

Item #3: Another Checklist

When packing you should write down everything you put inside a box. This way you can easily keep track when you unpack later. Furthermore, you can print out an entire item checklist found online and start ticking off things you are packing. Both ways work, so do what suits you best.

Item #4: Organize Transportation

Again – here you can hire professional transport to get everything from your old place to your new one. Another option is to simply rent a pickup (or a couple, with a friend of yours) and load everything on it.

Remember that different situations call for different solutions, so don’t expect a “one-size-fits-all” answer. Also don’t forget that you should explain to your friends how to get to the new place, or at least set their GPS up.

Item #5: Use Your Checklist To Unpack

Now it’s time to unpack everything. But you are already prepared. You’ve got a checklist of everything you’ve put inside a box, so when you start unpacking, you can easily track your items. Room by room is usually better and you can get done a lot quicker with the help of a few friends.


Moving may not be people’s favorite thing but if you know how to handle everything from the start, things won’t be as hard. So go ahead and do it! Call your friends, hire movers, write down checklists! Have a nice move!

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