Moving Tips

October 2018

Moving Based On The Season

If you are looking at the weather outside and think that if you want to move you should do it sooner, then this is the right article for you!

The truth is that there is no single season that is the best for moving. This is due to several factors, which we will examine in this week’s article. So before you rent moving boxes to fill them up for the move, you should first figure out whether or not you should even be moving now, or consider a later date.

The Winter Blues

Do you think that moving in the winter is difficult, because of the weather? Well, you are right, but only partially. See, not every winter day is bad, even if all of them are colder in general. However, the people’s notion that moving is just not a winter thing to do can actually be used to your own benefit.

Because there are not that many people moving during the colder months of December to February, you can take advantage of that by scoring a better price with a moving company. On top of that you can almost certainly find reputable movers on a much shorter notice. You won’t have to book them a month in advance just to be sure that they will be free for an hour on your desired weekend.

Then Comes Spring

Spring is interesting in that it is still not particularly warm in the early months, but it is also not as cold either. This is the time when people start considering when to move. But because it usually takes them a couple of months to figure out their dates, the first half of spring is not a busy time for movers either.

Again, that leaves you with the awesome opportunity to use the more forgiving weather and move March or April. However, you may want to be a bit quicker with booking the movers, just to be sure – after all, there might be some early birds like you as well.

Everybody Loves Summer

Of course, summer is everyone’s favorite season when it comes to moving. With the end of May moving companies see a big spike in bookings though. That means you will have to work quickly when the time comes, otherwise you won’t be able to score a good moving company for the weekend you want.

Alternatively, you can simply plan a DIY move, which is much easier to handle during the warm months. Just make sure to have enough cold drinks and water during that time.

And Back To Autumn

Moving during the fall is not that dissimilar from spring, with the only exception being the slightly warmer weather at its beginning. However, with many people going to college in early fall, you may expect somewhat more difficult time when finding a company to move you. Also, the summer rush can roll over to early fall so consider that as well!

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