Moving Tips

March 2018

Too Messy To Pack? Don’t Worry!

How strange would it be to get into a home and see everything in perfect order? I don’t mean just the living room, or the guest room, but literally everything. Not a speck of dust. Well, while such places definitely exist, a lot of us actually turn out to be quite the messy people.

We are not judging anybody. Live as messily as you want. And yet when you have to pack your things for a move, such a mess can be quite tricky. So what should you do then? Just call the movers and let them pack? Well, that may be a bit embarrassing for some of us. On the other hand, we do not really want to handle that entire thing ourselves. But isn’t there an easier way around? Of course there is! With our tips in this article!

  1. Preparation Is Key

You can’t really start turning things around if you are not prepared. But you really have to begin somewhere and that is by getting high quality plastic moving boxes. With them you can easily sort things and that will leave you some space to order your stuff around.

The best way to do that is by sorting through your closet first, your wardrobes and your attic or garage. If you have a basement that is primarily for storage, you can also sort through it. That way you will have enough free space to transport all the unnecessary things from the other rooms, so you have more room to breathe and organize stuff.

  1. Don’t Keep It

When you go through all the items, don’t just keep everything. There are obvious things that you don’t need, and you don’t even want. Minimalism is all the rage right now, so you should do your best to adopt it, at least a little bit. Figure out which items you can do away with, and what you can donate.

Often we have piles of clothes that we don’t wear, magazines and books we don’t read, and even decorations we no longer use. These are unnecessary, they take up space and they don’t give you pleasure in any way. Free your space, free your life, is what we say.

  1. Get Ready To Move

Instead of ordering everything and folding stuff neatly, you can consider when you are going to move. If the relocation is about to happen soon, then you don’t really need to order everything. Why not pack most rooms and only leave the ones that you need the most unpacked?

Sure, don’t pack your bedroom, and maybe leave your kitchen and bathroom half-packed, but any other room – go ahead and pack while you are sorting and ordering things around. Otherwise you will be doing the same job twice. Or undoing what you have already done.

So spare yourself some work and headaches. Plan in advance and take care of your stuff. We wish you a safe and worry-free move!

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