Moving Tips

February 2019

Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

One of the most common experiences people have is when they move to their new home and feel like it is not really that “homely”. The fact is that you are just not used to it and you have to go through an adjustment period. For some people this is rather quick, but there are those of us who may never get completely attached to their place.

This can be troublesome, because if you do not have a place where you feel at home, it can have effects on your psyche. For this reason we have decided to give you a few tips on what to do once you have unpacked your plastic packing boxes. Ready? Let’s go!

Tip #1: Dress It Up

If you want to make your place truly your own, you have to put in some effort. Perhaps you are not the kind of person to decorate too much, but this can actually be extremely beneficial. It does not have to be anything significant though.

One of the best things you can do is to by some pieces of art that do not need any mounting. If you are allowed to hang pictures you can surely do that, but many people do not like to drill holes at their place (and it is often forbidden).

This is why perhaps you should invest in nice vases, figurines, or something else that is meaningful to you. There are people who buy guitar stands and place guitars on them, even if they never play them. Why? Because it is meaningful and it makes your place feel like your own. Definitely consider it, because it can be fun as well!

Tip #2: Ask Yourself Questions About Each Room

This tip may sound a little bit weird, but it has strong psychological backing. In fact, in our evolutionary history as a species, we have always explored our environment. It is deeply ingrained in us to be curious about a place. However, for some of us this instinct is rather weak.

This is why you should go to different rooms and start asking yourself questions about it. What do you like in the room? Is there a place where you can put a piece of art? Is there something that bothers you?

Another fun game is to try to memorize a room’s layout and try to go through it with eyes closed. This is a little bit difficult, but will get you that sense of familiarity that is actually very tied to feeling at home.

Tip #3: Invite Guests

You can invite friends and guests at your new place. If you take them around and introduce them to your home, you can actually feel like you own it. It has something to do with our human psychology – when we demonstrate knowledge of something, we often feel a sense of belonging, and sometimes – ownership.

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