Moving Tips

November 2018

Less Headaches During Your Move

There is no doubt that moving stresses most people out. In the majority of cases that is because you are essentially ill prepared to handle it. But don’t worry, this is not something that has to remain that way. Actually, in just a couple of minutes you will have some wonderful tips that will help you with your moving process.

Keep in mind that moves are a serious business, but they do not need to be overly complicated. If you are organized and don’t let yourself stress over minutiae, you will have a much better time during the move. That being said, let’s head straight to our advice!

Tip #1: Spend Some Hours In Research

The fact that you are reading this article is already great. That means you are using your time to learn more about the moving process. Great, keep that up! While the information in this article is not strictly comprehensive, you can still do more research and find the best packing and moving practices, so you can have a much smoother moving experience.

One thing to remember though – don’t go too far down the rabbit hole, or you may be stuck in what we call “analysis paralysis”. Pick up a couple of handy tips, implement them, rinse and repeat!

Tip #2: Get Your Moving Supplies Ready

Do you know what really sucks? Having a nice plan to follow, but not having the tools necessary to do it. You will be surprised how often this happens! People get overly excited that they have this nice and neat timetable to follow, however they have forgotten that you first need the supplies needed for the job. And they have not slotted in time to get them!

Fix this mistake from the get-go. There are a couple of way to go about it – you either call your favorite moving company to handle every aspect of the move (packing, moving, loading, unloading), or you go to the store that sells packing and moving supplies, and you load yourself up.

Don’t forget about the plastic packing boxes that are essential to a safe move. With them your items will be kept safe. Cardboard boxes from your local grocery store are not ideal for this, because they are not sturdy enough and can often break on you when you least expect it.

Tip #3: Call Your Movers As Soon As Possible

Even if you plan on a DIY move, you are likely to need movers at least for the actual moving part of the whole process. If that is the case, make sure to call them as soon as you know the date. Booking them in advance is much better – you will have peace of mind and you are also more likely to score a good price with them.

Booking movers in the last minute is never a good idea, as most reputable companies cannot usually help you on a short notice due to a rather full schedule. Then you will have to pay extra for an emergency service and that is not always cheap!

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