Moving Tips

September 2016

Kitchen Packing Tips

Although a lot has been said on the subject of packing your items as a whole, there are still important things to be addressed and it is better to break them down room by room. This is why today we are going to talk about how to pack your kitchen properly and prepare it for moving.

And though it is highly advised to use good and reliable containers such as the rental moving boxes, which we provide. They are going to make the whole process much easier, because you won’t have to worry about that old cardboard falling apart.

Let’s start with the least defined part of the packing. Keep in mind that some items are hard to pack perfectly, especially electronics, which don’t have their original boxes. So how do you approach that problem? By using a lot of padding. Old clothes, foam pellets, etc. can really help you achieve what you need.

But sometimes it isn’t as simple as stuffing your box with tons of padding. After all, you don’t want to get more boxes just so you can stuff them with padding and a single item in there. Rather think about efficient ways to utilize that space. Do you have silverware lying around? Maybe wrap some of it in padding and use that padding to further stabilize a kitchen appliance in one of your boxes. Always pack smart.

The kitchen has one more specific thing that we need to address – food. Here you can include everything – from what is in your fridge, to all the herbs and spices you have in your cupboards. Of course, it is common sense that you wouldn’t want to pack food, at least not all of it. But consider this – do you want to keep your exotic spices? If you plan on moving and you don’t want to deal with anything food-related, plan to use it up in advance. Although this isn’t packing, it still helps with deciding what else to pack.

And while food is perishable, so are kitchen appliances. What do we mean by that? We have already mentioned how to pack them, but should you do that in the first place? Probably not everything. That old toaster, which you haven’t used in centuries, probably belongs to the trash and not to your new place. The same thing applies to all other appliance, which you rarely use or have been broken for a while, but you haven’t thrown them out.

Organization-wise it is probably better to start emptying everything piece by piece and in a straight-forward fashion. Don’t open up every single cupboard. First open one, take everything out, sort it or if it is obvious where it should go – just pack it. Dividing everything into manageable chunks will help you not get bored, tired and overwhelmed.

With our tips you can pack everything in your kitchen and have the spare time to consider how to get it to your new home. Have fun while packing and remember that nothing is a chore if you approach it with a bit of ingenuity!

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