Moving Tips

June 2017

The Key To A Proper DIY Move

People have always had the tendency to do things by themselves. Especially if they seem simple enough. This is the reason why menial tasks such as moving are often seen as something that is inherently DIY. Why should you pay a professional for something you are perfectly capable of doing, right?

Well, things may not be that clear-cut. In reality, even super basic tasks can be perfected and professionals usually know techniques and have the experience to actually trim the whole process down to the bare necessity.

What would a professional do differently? For example, they’d know how to pack, which box is better fitted for which item, how to properly organize items within boxes, and so on. In terms of moving, a professional knows that picking up an object is done with the strength of the feet, not the strength of your arms or waist.

Such things often go beyond our heads when we try to attempt doing a “simple” task by ourselves. But you know what? We are all about the DIY approach. There is an inherent satisfaction when things work out just fine. So we are helping you with that today.

And what is the key to a successful DIY move? Organization! That’s all. If you organize and plan everything accordingly, you will stay on top of the whole shebang.

Firstly, get some boxes. They are important. You can use our plastic rental box service, if you don’t know where to find proper ones.

A crucial aspect to finding boxes that will work for you, is to consider their size. Smaller boxes are suited for heavier stuff (think boxes, tools, etc.), which medium sizes can fit utensils, cleaning supplies, clothes, and other stuff that may not be as heavy. Don’t fall for going with huge boxes. How are you going to lift them when you’ve filled them up? You haven’t thought of that, have you?

Secondly, utilize the space in the boxes. Many people don’t leave enough space for padding, which is crucial if you have fragile items. Other people put too little things inside a box, so there isn’t much support for them, making them much more prone to being damaged.

Thirdly, label boxes and while packing write down what you have inside each. This is going to help you a lot during the unboxing process, and everything will be much quicker and easier.

Bonus tip: Call some friends. Seriously, any tedious task goes better if you have some close people around you, with which you can crack jokes, talk through the work and enjoy one another’s company.


Don’t forget that after all is said and done, hiring professionals is not such a bad thing to do. Some people are better than you at certain things and it’s better to accept it now. But don’t think you can’t do things alone – just pick your battles. If moving is a challenge you believe you can beat – go for it. Otherwise, spend your time on something more productive and enjoyable for you.

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