Moving Tips

July 2016

Keep Your Items Safe

Packing isn’t that fun. Sure, there are people out there who enjoy sorting things and managing them, and eventually packing them, but there are people who enjoy cleaning as well and that doesn’t mean it is ok for all of us. And all of this because even more of a burden when we have to think about how to actually protect our items. And all the expensive items we have and all the breakables add even more pressure to know how to actually deal with the entire process of packing and moving. Before we say anything else, let’s suggest something that will be beneficial to you. Look at what we have to offer about boxes, which you can rent. These boxes can actually fit special items inside and keep them safe. This will help you a whole lot with packing and you will be less worried about items such as your 55” TV, ancient vases and other such things.

Other than our advice on how to approach packing the right way, we actually have some tips on how to keep certain valuables safe. Firstly, just hire the right movers. Look for a reputable company, find reviews (on yelp for example) and don’t risk it just to save a few bucks – it isn’t worth it in the end. Even when hiring a good company though you should still take precautions. For example, don’t go ahead trusting everyone with your valuables. If you have jewelry, better take it with you. If you definitely cannot take it with you, at least stash it in a box, where no one would want to look – like cupboard items box or something similar. Although, this would only work if you label the boxes. But there really isn’t a reason not to label them. Actually, we strongly advise you do actually do so, as you will ease the process of moving even further.

In order to keep your items from breaking, however, you may want to take a look at specialized boxes. There are TV boxes out there, as well as dish boxes, but you really have to figure out what will best work for you, as there isn’t one size to fit all. Sometimes you can put your dishes in a simple box, but if you have a china you really value and like, this won’t be ideal at all.

Whatever you try to do, don’t forget that we can always help you with the entire process, we can give you tips right from the start and we can even do the packing for you, completely professionally. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need our help and we will tell you more about our services.

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