Moving Tips

April 2018

Just Moved? The Best Thing To Do Now!

Last week we talked about moving for the first time and how to overcome the challenges of not knowing what to do. But now there is another issue – what to do when you actually move?

Maybe you are about to move, or you have just moved. If you have done this before, you know how awkward it feels. You don’t know anybody (or mostly anybody), and you don’t know the neighborhood all that well. Which is bad, because what are you supposed to do now?

For first-time movers this can be a challenge. But there is no need to worry. With a few simple tips to follow, you will get familiar with the place in no time. And you will get to know some of the locals too! A win-win, right?

Tip #1: Open Up Your GPS App And Follow It

Want to know the lay of the land a bit better? Fire up your phone map and start looking for places of interesting. You want to know everything about local grocery stores, hardware shops and similar things. Maybe you want to start hitting the gym? Check out all the local ones and figure out where to go.

Other services are also good to know. Maybe look for a hairdresser. Even your local car repair shop. Or other similar places!

Tip #2: Take The First Step

Don’t expect your neighbors to start the conversation. Some of they might do it, but others won’t. So you have to be done to engage them. But don’t be creepy about it! It is perfectly fine to get something to treat them and talk to them. Although, with apartment buildings this should be done carefully. Maybe just engage the ones you notice in the corridors and ONLY if they appear friendly. Which again, depends on the city.

Tip #3: Take Action

If you want to REALLY get things going, you should just take action. Have a haircut. Go to a local meeting. Visit the gym, as mentioned above. Ask people for recommendations of places to visit. Get to know your local shopping assistants. These things can contribute quite a lot when it comes to getting yourself familiar with the place.

Tip #4: Host A Party

If you want to meet people in your apartment building you may consider hosting a party. Put a general invitations in the hall, or go door to door to invite them. Or maybe do both, personally inviting only the people that seem most likely to come. Or that look approachable enough.


You don’t have to feel uncomfortable when you have just moved. All it takes is a little initiative to get things going, and you will be fine from then on. If you are just about to move, don’t forget to get yourself some plastic moving boxes if you want everything to go smoothly.

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