Moving Tips

July 2016

Just Get New Boxes

You probably have many old cardboard boxes lying around. Or alternatively you have some friends who can give you some. Or you can even go to a shopping center and ask for spare ones. This, however, leaves you with few option for flexibility and you will have to make do with what you have. And while this doesn’t sound so bad, it actually is. Why? Think about it – to make the whole process easier, you’d probably want to fit all the items from one room into their respective boxes and keep them bundled together rather than spread throughout different boxes in the whole house. But with random boxes you can’t really sort things in such a way. This why it is better to rent boxes of certain size or buy new ones altogether. And if you are not yet convinced, here are a few reasons to consider getting new boxes.

We have already mentioned one of the reasons – you can decide on what shape and size boxes you need. If you are going to move many books, you can make rough estimates on what kind of boxes you should look for. A general tip would be to avoid big containers and go for smaller ones – 5-8 books per box are plenty. Don’t go overboard, because you want to be able to easily carry a single box, and considering a book can be 1.5-2lbs if you are fan of big ones, then you wouldn’t be able to easily lift a box with 10 of those in it.

Aside from size, you can easily save yourself a lot of headaches if you go for sturdier boxes. Used cardboard doesn’t have a lot of resilience to it, so don’t expect it to hold. Ideally, you can rent plastic boxes and not think a second longer about them breaking. However, some sturdy cardboard boxes can work too, although you would have to search quite longer to find such boxes. In any case, the safest bet is still renting plastic boxes, as buying can prove a bit more expensive.

Another note on sturdiness is that your items will stay safe during the move. It is one thing for the box not break while you fill it up and carry it, but a whole another thing for it to not get squished beneath the weight of the other boxes, and as we know, cardboard is quite prone to becoming a big ball of nothing.

Hopefully, you now have an idea why it is better to get good boxes, rather than using what you already have. We wish you a pleasant move!

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