Moving Tips

October 2017

Items Your Moving Company Won’t Transport

When we get to packing the last thing we want to consider is what NOT to pack. But the reality is that there are items, which moving companies won’t take with them. This may be due to the fact because they present risks, or because they are difficult to carry safely.

Today you will learn what to avoid packing for your moving company and perhaps for a lot of the items you should reconsider moving them altogether, not even by yourself.

#1 Perishables

If you have foods and drinks that you still haven’t consume before moving, don’t think about packing them in boxes. Some companies may allow them if they are packaged goods (snacks, cereal) and are still not opened, but many won’t agree to transfer them at all.

The fact is that perishables can create quite the mess for movers or yourself. Stench and stains are quite the concerns when it comes to foods and drinks.

#2 Plants and Pets

You’d be surprised how many people don’t know that pets need special attention when moving. They can become stressed as much as humans. That’s why there are not many moving companies that deal with pet transportation. For the most part you will be on your own.

The same applies to plants. If you are adamant about taking a plant with you, and not leaving it behind or gifting it to a friend, you have to take special precautions. It’s almost certain that you will be the one moving it as well, as most moving companies don’t deal with our plants.

#3 Hazardous Materials

There are many things, which moving companies are prohibited to take. We aren’t talking about company policies here, but about state and federal regulations on what can and cannot be transferred by a company.

For starters, anything flammable is off-limits. That include lighter fluids, gasoline, gunpowder, fireworks, explosives and the like. Firearms are also included in that category. More so, you have to check in with the place you are moving to about their firearms regulations as well.

Alcohol is also considered a flammable liquid, as well as nail polish and paint among many others. Don’t forget that deodorants and anti-perspirants are gases under pressure and are also flammable. Check your cleaning supplies as well, since a lot of them can have a warning sign.

#4 Documents, Important Papers, Valuables and Collections

Moving companies will refuse to take your important documents and many kinds of valuables, including jewelry, artwork, expensive musical instruments and so on. If you have photo albums, stamp or card collections, or something similar, keep these with yourself, as moving companies will likely not transport them.

Don’t forget that even if you follow all the guidelines, sometimes damage can occur because your boxes are not of good quality. That’s why you should get sturdy plastic boxes, but the best way to do that is to approach a plastic box rental company such as H2H Box. With our boxes you can move safely and return them, thus saving space and money.

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